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Fi'zi:k Arione VSX Saddle - Performance Exclusive

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Fizik's Arione VSX saddle takes the innovative approach to a center channel that Fizik pioneered with the original Versus line, then takes it one step further. Instead of going with a traditional center channel cut out, which Fizik contends can actually make problems like numbness and chaffing worse, they took a different approach by keeping the shell intact and instead using a channel cut through the padding on top to take pressure off of the perineal area. According to Fizik, this improves preserves the stiffness of the saddle and prevents shell sag, helps better support the sit bones, and allows the saddle to keep the key WingFlex technology intact--which lets the sides of the saddle move and flex with the rider for improved comfort. The original Versus used a 7mm channel, but some riders found that wasn't quite enough, so the VSX uses a 20mm canyon to relieve soft tissue pressure. The result is a more comfortable ride that decreases chances of numbness, while still delivering the impressive performance advantages the Fizik has always been known for. In the Fizik saddle guide system, the Arione line is designed for Snakes--which are the most flexible riders (if you can touch your toes, that's you), but many less flexible riders also prefer the Arione. The Arione line features a completely flat and relatively narrow shape that allows riders to move and shift around on the saddle more freely as they ride.
  • 20mm center channel relieves soft tissue pressure
  • WingFlex design allows the sides of the saddle shell to move with the rider
  • Carbon reinforced nylon shell is lightweight and stiff
  • Kium rails are lighter and stronger than titanium
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