Breezer Greenway Low-Step e-Bike - 2018

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If you haven't test driven an e-Bike yet, get to your local Performance Bike shop now, because you're missing out. The Breezer Greenway not only has the unexpected power burst of an e-Bike, it also has great features within its traditional bike setup.

Outfitted with a lightweight and durable aluminum frame and a Suntour NEX suspension with 63mm of travel, the Breezer Greenway is comfortable to navigate with and smooths out small bumps along the way. For its traditional drivetrain, the Breezer Greenway features a Shimano 1x10-speed set-up for an excellent array of gearing options whether you're tackling steep hills or riding city streets. To give a constant burst of power throughout your ride or commute, the Breezer Greenway comes with a Shimano STePs mid-motor drive and battery. The motor drive sits in a comfortable position on the bike that gives you the ability to change flats with ease. It also has a solid, natural feel while pedaling so it still feels like you're on a bike. The battery supports a range of 44 to 93 miles per charge and is made to be used for up to 1,000 charges without a significant power loss. The Breezer Greenway also includes a solid Shimano wheelset, Continental Town Ride Reflex tires with puncture protection, and powerful Shimano hydraulic disc brakes.

Whether you're a commuter looking for a quicker ride, a cyclist eager to try something new, or a cyclist wanting a bike design that can help you conquer steep hills without over exerting yourself, E-Bikes has something to enjoy for everyone.


  • Lightweight and durable Breezer D'Fusion hydroformed aluminum frame
  • Suntour NEX Disc suspension fork with 63mm of travel
  • Shimano STePs mid-motor drive with 250W has a solid, natural feel when pedaling
  • Shimano STePs battery with 418Wh supports a range of 44 to 93 miles in one charge
  • Shimano 1x10-speed drivetrain provides an excellent array of gearing options
  • Shimano aluminum wheelset wrapped in Continental Town Ride Reflex tires with puncture protection
  • Shimano M315 hydraulic disc brakes offer excellent, all-weather stopping power
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