Supacaz Super Sticky Kush Classic Bar Tape

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No. You can't ride like three-time world road champion Peter Sagan. But you can ride his bar tape -- which, if not quite the same thing, will at least keep your hands insanely comfortable. The secret to Super Sticky Kush tape is the layer of Kush foam, a material exclusive to Supacaz that's thin but at the same time cushions like a mountain of down pillows. The top layer is Super Sticky PU foam, a tacky polyurethane that doesn't lose in grip when it turns wet, embossed with the Supacaz pattern for extra grip. Included are matching laser-etched aluminum bar plugs and high-end rubberized finishing tape. Available in eight classic colors. Take your bar tape to the Sagan level.


  • Length: 2,160mm
  • Width: 30mm
  • Thickness: 3mm
  • Super Sticky polyurethane foam upper
  • Kush foam shock-absorbing material
  • Laser-etched, anodized or powder coated aluminum bar plugs
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