Elite Qubo Fluid Trainer with Riser Block and Sweat Net

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More powerful than a standard fluid unit, the Elite Qubo Fluid Trainer is the quietest, most powerful and easiest trainer there is. Qubo frame is easy to setup, since roller pressure is automatically determined by rider weight -- no calibration required! Progressive fluid resistance changes as you pedal faster or slower, giving you the same smooth performance you feel on the road. Fast Fixing system allows clamping and release of the bike with a single hand. Elite's most powerful fluid unit eliminates the work of adjustment and set-up, so you can concentrate on the ride. Combo includes Travel Trac Riser Block and Travel Trac Sweat Net. The Elite is compatible with the Zwift Virtual Powercurve when used with an ANT+ speed/cadence sensor.

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Elite Qubo Fluid Trainer:
  • Fluid resistance produces progressive resistance that increases as your wheel speed increases, so the faster you ride, the harder you have to work -- just like the road
  • Generates a greater range of resistance from low to high, especially at high speeds
  • Increased range of leaning area and optimal bike+athlete center-of-mass in relation to the frame improves stability and allows safer training at high speeds and power outputs
  • Large flywheel is completely immersed in oil, so high resistance levels can be obtained at low speeds
  • Qubo frame:
    • Cutting-edge design combines the strength of steel with the high-tech benefits of modern plastics
    • Automatically makes wheel contact by stepping on the bike
    • Folds compactly for storage or transport
  • Fast Fixing clamping system with an automatic locking lever and one-handed approach for easy, safe and fast bike attachment and removal
  • Accommodates most road and mountain bikes
  • Compatible with the My E-Training App, a virtual coach that manages power, pedal cadence, heart rate, speed, time and distance directly from your Smartphone or Apple tablet

Travel Trac Riser Block:
  • Raises the front wheel to level the bike when mounted on a trainer
  • Stabilizes the front wheel
  • Fits both road and mountain bike tires

Travel Trac Sweat Net:
  • Mesh and neoprene cover attaches to the handlebar and stem to keep the bike free of corrosive sweat
  • Installs in seconds on virtually any road, mountain or stationary bike Compatible with the Zwift Virtual Powercurve when used with an ANT+ speed/cadence sensor.
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