Diamondback Mini Viper 16" Kid's BMX Bike

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Many parents make the mistake of just running out to the nearest discount store to buy their kid's first bike--after all, it seems inconsequential. If it has two wheels, pedals, and a chain, it will do the job. Sadly, these bikes are often poorly engineered and constructed leading to bike problems and making the child's first cycling experience disappointing. Diamondback's Mini Viper 16" Kids' BMX bike has decades of pro-cycling engineering behind it, giving you the promise of a bike that will run well, stay in tune, and stand up to the countless hazards unleashed by young riders.

The Viper name has been a staple in Diamondback's BMX repertoire since 1983. The hi-tensile frame and fork can withstand most any abuse, and the frame geometry works with the 6 ½" riser bars, resin platform pedals and padded BMX seat to keep the rider in a safe, control-oriented position with excellent 360 visibility. Coaster brakes are immediate and effective, and knobby tires are excellent for any surface. The investment in reliability, durability, and safety is small in comparison to the payoff--Diamondback stands by decades of quality and experience so that your young rider can stay on the road and riding hard.

  • Hi-tensile steel frame/fork is highly durable
  • Kid specific BMX geometry gives rider greater control/safety
  • Alloy wheels are lightweight so your child isn't lugging the bike around
  • Padded saddle, platform pedals, and BMX grips help keep your child on the bike
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