2011 Kestrel 4000 Pro SL Shimano Ultegra Triathlon/Time Trial Bike

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Whether you compete in triathlons or time trials, or are just addicted to the rush of going really, really fast on two skinny wheels, the Shimano Ultegra-equipped Kestrel 4000 Pro SL Triathlon/Time Trial bike is all you need to feed your craving for speed. The product of Kestrel's industry-pioneering carbon frame expertise, countless hours of A2 wind tunnel testing and notebooks full of pro rider feedback, the 4000 Pro SL is at the cutting-edge of aero design and performance. It's lightweight in the extreme, incredibly stiff and responds with explosive acceleration when you apply power to the pedals. The only downside is you're going to have to get used to those long walks to the podium.
  • Kestrel's modular monocoque construction combines the best of Kestrel frame technology, EMS fork technology and structure bonding techniques to maximize performance, fit, ride, quality and styling
  • Tubes and junctions are sized and shaped for the given loading conditions and functional requirements
  • Proprietary "EMS"fork technology delivers a resilient ride and responsive handling
  • Proprietary bonding technique employs engineering-grade structural adhesives, bonded joint designs and a rigorous curing process to ensure the strongest joints possible
  • Modular monocoque seatstay and chainstay sections are engineered for efficient power transfer, lateral tracking and enhanced ride quality
  • Race-proven Shimano Ultegra components are lightweight, yet durable enough for competition
  • Fully adjustable seat post allows you to change angle from 73 to 79 degrees
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