Blackburn Outpost HV AnyValve Mini-Pump

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For bikepacking trips that carry you to remote areas, consider adding this mini pump to your pack. The Outpost HV Mini Pump by Blackburn is the largest air volume mini pump on the market today, and is capable of operating in harsh temperatures as low as -40° C. It features a High/Low pressure switch for inflation up to 80psi, and a TwistGrip valve head design for ease of operation while wearing thick gloves. Its AnyValve pump head works seamlessly with Presta, Schrader, and Dunlop valves without leaking. Weighing in at only 285 grams and measuring just 33cm x 3cm, it an excellent pump for trips, treks, and touring.


  • Largest air volume mini pump on the market
  • High/Low pressure switch allows for easy inflation up to 80 psi
  • Works well in harsh temperatures as low as -40°C
  • TwistGrip valve head design makes operation easy when wearing thick gloves
  • Mounts to frame, fits inside ride pack, or frame bag
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