Blackburn Wayside Multi-Tool

Item: 40-5206
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The Blackburn Wayside Multi-Tool packs 9 different tools with 19 different functions in to a compact and lightweight tool. Due to its small size and light weight, it is ideal for carrying with you on the road. Several bike components you can repair with this tool include the chain, disc brake pads, and tube valve cores. To ensure that cyclists are able to use each tool to its greatest advantage, they have been carefully placed to provide accurate utility leverage or space.


  • Packed with 19 different functions
  • Includes Hex Keys, a knife blade, a chain tool (7-11 speed), chain assembly hook, disc brake pad spreader, Torx Keys, Spoke Wrenches, a Presta Valve Core Tool, and a Flat Head Screwdriver
  • Compact size, making it ideal for repairs on the go (3.39" x 2.09" x .91")
  • Meticulously arranged tools, to guarantee each can be used easily and accurately
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