Brave Soldier Crash Pak

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Brave Soldier has everything you need for post bike crash cleanup.
  • This lightweight, first aid kit contains all the right ingredients to treat common road rash injuries, skin wounds, scrapes and blisters
  • Proper use of this kit prevents abrasions from healing with dirt and debris embedded in the wound
  • Includes: Antiseptic ointment; 4 x 3" non-adhering wound dressing (2); 3 x 3" general use surgical sponges (2); 6" stretch net burn gauze (2); 4 x 2" bandages (2); 1 x 3" bandages (2); Butterfly cut closures (2); Betadine antiseptic pads (2); Antiseptic towelettes (2); Advil Pain Relief Tablets (2); Road Rash Treatment guide
  • All items are stowed in a waterproof, 6 x 8" Mylar bag that can easily be stashed in a jersey pocket or backpack
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