Zipp 202 NSW Carbon Clincher Wheel - Front

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How do you make one of the lightest and fastest climbing wheelsets out there even lighter? Simple, you get the engineers into a lab and get them to work on the Zipp 202 NSW wheelset. First things first: What does NSW mean? NSW is the name of Zipp's super-secret speed lab. According to our SRAM rep, there's only a handful of people in the entire company that have access to the facility, and it's where their most exciting developments happen. So how did they improve on the 202? Glad you asked.

The 202 NSW features a rim shape that came out of more than 40 concept studies and endless trips to the ARC wind tunnel, and gives a substantial savings over the 202 Firecrest shape. They also shaved even more grams off the weight without sacrificing durability, so the wheel absolutely flies up the climbs. The 202 NSW not only features improved aerodynamics, but is also one of the lightest performance wheelsets Zipp has ever produced. The new ImPress graphics are also printed directly on to the wheel, so they no longer cover up the dimples on the rim, allowing for a smoother airflow across the wheel. And speaking of those dimples, they've been realigned into an ABLC SawTooth design that diminishes the small air vortices that can build up on the rim, saving you even more time. And since wheels also need to be able to slow you down too, the new Showstopper silicon carbide brake track provides unmatched stopping power and modulation, in either the wet or dry--a first for carbon wheels.

  • All new rim shape saves watts and improves stability in cross winds
  • ImPress graphics are printed directly on to the rim
  • ABLC SawTooth dimple design improves airflow
  • Showstopper brake track performs flawlessly, rain or shine
  • Cognition hubset is scalloped to retain its shape and performance under tension
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