Zipp 404 Firecrest Carbon Clincher Tubeless Disc Front Wheel

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The 404 Firecrest rim shape is one of the lightest, best handling, stiffest climbing wheels on the market today. The Firecrest rim shape improves stability by moving the wheel's center of pressure to sit almost directly over the steering axis, where wind-induced steering torque has a minimal effect. It produces similar to better aerodynamics than most V-section rims, especially in the crosswinds, and rolls faster and handles better than classic road wheels.

The 77D hub brings improved stiffness and durability over the hubset found on the previous generation, with wider flanges and a bigger axle. There's also no longer a need to set a bearing preload, and the bearings are also better protected from the elements, which means less wear and maintenance.

Tubeless compatible, the wheels feature a rim bed made with internal ridges to lock the tire's bead in place, ensuring secure performance even when ridden at lower tire pressures. Zipp's new carbon fiber layup keeps weight low while maintaining the Firecrest Carbon Clincher's proven durability. If you're looking for an updated disc-brake version of Zipp's revolutionary Firecrest design for unstoppable performance that's ready to help you perform at your very best, the Firecrest tubeless disc will not let you down.


  • Firecrest rim profile improves handling in crosswinds and overall raid quality
  • More aerodynamic than other rim designs
  • Ultra-light carbon fiber rim
  • Carbon Clincher technology improves heat management
  • Dimpled pattern evenly spreads airflow across the rim's surface
  • Custom made Swiss ball bearing cartridges for a superior level of smoothness and long life
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