Challenge Chicane Pro Cyclocross Tire

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700C X 33
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The first thing you will probably notice about the Challenge Chicane Pro is the extreme diversity of tread represented on this one amazing tire. Low tightly packed knobs pepper the center tread giving you grip over hard packed or even icy conditions. This tread gives way to large knobs on the corners of the tire which take over on a tight turn, biting into the course and gluing you to the trail as you rip around corners like you're on rails.

The incredible performance of the Chicane Pro comes in part thanks to Challenge's use of hand-glued tread. This allows Challenge to avoid having to vulcanize the tread and helps keep the rubber soft and tacky for the ultimate trail gripping experience. This amazing "open tubular" tire utilizes the same 300 TPI SuperPoly casing as their tubular tires for the most supple ride available keeping the tires comfortable and light weight. Their Puncture Protection System (PPS) helps you prevent flats while coming in at 355 grams per tire gets you one step closer to the top of the podium. Challenge recognizes in the Chicane Pro that a tire needs to do two things: roll fast straight and hold tight to corners without sacrifices.


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