CygoLite Centauri 1700 OSP USB LED Headlight

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Designed for competitive riders, the CygoLite Centauri 1700 OSP LED headlight fires 1700 lumens of blindingly powerful light into the darkness night. Dual beam design features the industry's brightest 2nd Generation Cree XM-L LEDs, plus Exclusive CrossFire projection, igniting the trail with a deep, wide beam for dazzling visibility. Integrated On-Site Programmable Smart technology lets you program your own brightness levels on-the-fly, by simply pushing a button. Aluminum alloy casing and durable plastic cage holds this powerful and enduring lighting system in a compact, lightweight design. With eight different light modes, a battery that mounts to your frame or backpack, and runtimes ranging from 2-45 hours, this is Cygolite's brightest, Smart light for the toughest rides.
  • On-Site Programmable technology allows you to program brightness settings and flash tempo while riding, program settings directly into the light with the push of a button, and customize your flash speeds for optimal visibility
  • Dual 2nd Generation Cree XM-L LEDs project 1700 lumens of the industry's brightest light, closely resembling daylight and its durable design eliminates bulb replacement
  • Exclusive CrossFire projection spreads light beams deeper and wider for maximum ground coverage and improves optics for enhanced visibility
  • Runtimes: 2 hours Boost (1700 lumens); 3 hours High (1200 lumens); 6 hours Medium (850 lumens); 32 hours Low (150 lumens); 4½ hours SteadyPulse, 80 hours Day Flash; 24 hours Slow Flash; 45 hours Walking
  • 8 light modes: Boost, High, Medium, Low, SteadyPulse, Day Flash, Slow Flash, Walking
  • Illuminated control button on top of the headlight has 3 indicators:
    • Brightness setting indicator shows the light setting in use
    • Battery indicator displays 3 levels of remaining power
    • Charging indicator shows charge status
  • Li-Ion battery charges in 8 hours via wall charger or USB port
  • Red/Green indicator eliminates charge time guesswork, increases battery life and is wall charger compatible with 100-240V for use worldwide
  • Ultra-compact, high capacity Li-Ion battery easily mounts to your frame or backpack
  • Aluminum alloy casing is light and strong
  • Weather tight design for all-condition use
  • Locktite tool-free handlebar mount easily clamps to bars for a secure fit on rough terrain
  • Includes Li-Ion battery, wall charger, 24" extension cable, Locktite tool-free handlebar mount and quick release helmet mount
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