Quad Lock Bike Mount for iPhone 6/6S

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You could say that the best cycling computer is the one you already have. Thanks to apps like Strava and Garmin Connect, most phones can now act as a cycling computer that can track your speed, time, distance and more, and upload it to the web for you to track and share. But how do you get that info while you're riding? Or what if you're trying to use your GPS app to get turn by turn directions? Quad Lock Bike Kits are the perfect solution. They're the lightest and strongest phone bike mounts on the market, and easily secure it to your stem or handlebars, so they'll stay put and keep your screen where you can see it.
  • Tough polycarbonate construction with durable TPU outer can take plenty of abuse
  • The secure Quad Lock attachment mechanism is the strongest on the market, and keeps your phone in place
  • The kit includes a phone case that's tough enough for everyday life off the bike
  • Quick and easy access--stop fumbling with plastic baggies or pouches in your pockets
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