Tacx Neo Smart Direct Drive Trainer

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The Tacx Neo Smart trainer is one of the most advanced, and most striking, trainers on the market today. The sleek design packs some serious technology to give you the most efficient, toughest, and most realistic training you'll find on any trainer. The Neo Smart is a "wheel off" trainer, meaning that you remove the rear wheel, and mount the bike directly to the trainer, using a cassette (not included) mounted on the fly wheel. This allows for a direct drive that bypasses any form of transmission for the most direct input and output, giving you an uninterrupted power flow and the most accurate training possible. The disc uses 32 magnets revolving around 30 coils to precisely control the resistance. The Neo Smart uses an on board computer that does 1000 calculations per second to perfectly simulate the road, and give you the most realistic feel you'll ever get from a trainer. The Neo Smart is also ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart enabled, so the trainer can connect easily to Tacx apps or third party software, including smartphones, tablets, bike computers and sports watches. This lets you tailor your workout to power output, heart rate, or your own personal preferences. The max power for the trainer is 2200 watts and can also simulated a 25% slope. When not plugged in or connected to a smartphone, tablet, or cycling computer, the Neo acts as a fluid trainer, with a smooth and progressive resistance that feels natural and easy to engage. And since the unit is self-powering, you can use it anytime, anywhere.
  • Real direct drive trainer with a powerful motor placed directly onto the cassette, eliminating additional gearing
  • Low revolutions per minute, reducing noise to a minimum
  • Foldable and compact frame design, yet very stable
  • Can be used completely wireless or hooked to a power outlet
  • Works with Apple and Android tablet and smartphone
  • Bluetooth and ANT+ communication capable
  • Tacx cycling app available for free
  • Measure speed, cadence and power
  • Maximum resistance 2000 Watt
  • Realistic climbing up to 20% and downhill to -5%
  • Upgrade smart sold separately to use the Tacx Trainer Software 4 with a Windows PC
  • Riser block included
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