Diamondback El Oso Nino Fat Bike 2017

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Kids today, right? Now they want to ride fat bikes just like you, and the Diamondback El Oso Nino is just the right bike for that. El Oso means "The Bear", and Nino means child, so this is a bear cub, but while it may be cute, it's strong and fast and hard to tame. The El Oso Nino is built around a Hi-Ten steel frame that can handle the rough stuff, but is still lightweight and not afraid of hills. A 7-speed Shimano drivetrain gives the rider plenty of gearing options and Apex mechanical disc brakes will stop this bear cub in its tracks. Diamondback Krakon grips and an Alloy handlebar keep the rider upright and in position to make quick turns and hard steers. But we all know it's the tires that county on a fatty, and this cub comes with Chaoyang 2-x 4" tires. Four inches of gripping, rolling, crushing, sand snaking rubber that will roll over any surface. Look, bears go where they want to go, and so does the Oso Nino. Just don't forget the honey.


  • Hi-tensile steel frame is strong as a bear, but a lot lighter
  • Seven-Speed drivetrain coves all the bases
  • Apex mechanical disc brakes stop on a dime
  • Four inch fatty ties will roll over any surface
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