Avid BB7 SL Disc Brakes

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We spotted these mechanical disc stoppers at Eurobike last fall and couldn't wait to get our hands on them. Now that we finally have, we don't intend to let go any time soon.

The new and improved Avid BB7 SL disc brakes are a lighter and (in our humble opinion) better-looking iteration of the original Avid BB7s. They feature a forged, two-piece alloy body with a stylish, road component-inspired finish. Other details include titanium hardware for strength and lightweight, alloy-backed organic pads and a new, lightweight, heat-shedding HS1 rotor design. The calipers roll on precision ball bearing for silky smooth operation.

As much as we enjoy getting down and dirty with our equipment, we've never been big fans of fussy brakes. That's why the Avid BB7 SL's Tri-Align caliper centering system, with its hassle-free, turn-of-a-knob Speed Dial adjustment, is a winner as far as we're concerned. Set-up and adjustment is just about as easy as it gets. On the road and out on the cyclocross course, the mud-shedding capability and precise control were everything we expected. If you're thinking that disc brakes might be in your road or cyclocross bike's future, these are definitely worth considering.

The included HS1 rotor is compatible with standard 6-bolt hubs. All required mounting hardware is included. Brake levers and cables not included.

  • Tri-Align Caliper Positioning System
  • Alloy-backed organic pads
  • Precision ball bearing actuation
  • Easy, tool-free pad replacement
  • Fully sealed
  • One caliper included - order two calipers for Front and Rear

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