Hammer Whey Protein Drink Mix - 24 Servings

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Ideal for supporting your immune system and enhancing recovery between workouts and races, Hammer Whey Protein Drink Mix helps hard-training athletes maintain, repair and grow lean muscle mass. Contains 100% undenatured (non-heated) whey isolate, the most easily assimilated of all the proteins, and is packed with loads of naturally occurring, branched chain amino acids. It also has high amounts of other recovery-specific amino acids and is glutamine-fortified for immune, nervous and digestive system support, plus antioxidant protection. When it comes to rebuilding lean muscle tissue and supporting your body's systems between workouts and races, Hammer Whey Protein sets the new standard for rapid recovery.
  • Whey isolate protein:
    • Highest quality and most bioavailable form of protein
    • 90-97% protein, whereas whey concentrate contains only 70-80% protein
    • Rich in immune-enhancing beta-lactalbumins and alpha-lactalbumins
    • Virtually lactose-free and fat-free
    • Contains the highest percentage of essential amino acids, the protein building blocks that the body doesn't manufacture and must obtain from dietary sources
    • 25% of essential amino acids come from branched chain amino acids (luecine, isoleucine and valine) for enhanced muscle tissue repair
  • Methionine and cysteine amino acids stimulate the natural production of glutathione for immune system support, improved liver function and antioxidant protection
  • Quadripeptides have a pain-killing (analgesic) effect that can help alleviate the soreness after an intense workout or all-out race effort
  • Gluten-free
  • No added sugars, fillers or artificial sweeteners
  • No MSG
  • Kosher Dairy Certified
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