The Pickle Juice Company Extra Strength Pickle Juice Shots -- 12 pack

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Muscle cramps have plagued riders for as long as the sport has been around. However, relief for those cramps has varied far and wide. What makes the Extra-Strength Pickle Juice Shots by The Pickle Juice Company different is that theirs is all natural, portable, and works in minutes. Packed with electrolytes, sodium, and other nutrients, these pickle juice shots are just what you need to keep going on a long ride. You can even take it before the cramps hit, as a preventative measure, to ensure that you don't have to slow down. Not only will you feel better, but you'll also be thrilled about the many extra miles that these pickle juice shots will afford you.


  • Each shot is concentrated with extra-strength power to relieve cramping muscles
  • Helps relieve cramping within minutes
  • Small and portable making it perfect for long bike rides
  • Made from all natural ingredients
  • Can be taken before cramping as a preventative measure
  • Packed with electrolytes to keep your body going strong
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