White Lightning Clean Streak Dry Degreaser -- 23oz

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Clean Streak is cycling's first and most effective DRY Degreaser. Cleaning even the grimiest, greasiest drivetrain parts has never been easier! Chains, Gears, Derailleurs and Disc Brake Rotors- Clean Streak clean them all!

Clean Streak works fast to break down and wash away stubborn grease, road grime and dirt. Clean Streak then dries in just minutes, with no residue. Water rinsing is not required! After using Clean Streak, your drivetrain and parts will be clean, shiny, residue free and thirsty for a fresh coat of lubricant. Evaporates quickly and leaves no residue!

Note: Clean Streak should be used outdoors or in a well-ventilated area, and over an old rag or newspapers to catch the grease and grime as it flushes off your parts


  • Cleans chains, gears, derailleurs and disc brake rotors
  • Water rinsing is not required
  • Evaporates quickly and leaves no residue
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