Ergon GP1-L BioKork Grips

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The new Ergon GP1 BioKork grip is a "green" version of its highly popular GP1 rubber grip. Made with 40% sustainably harvested cork, the GP1 BioKork grip has the same patented wing-shaped platform that provides support for your hands and wrists. The additional support relieves pressure on the median and ulnar nerves that can cause numbness, tingling or pain. If you've ever experienced any of these symptoms, you'll love the GP1. And if you want to do your part to support earth-friendly initiatives, the GP1 BioKork version is definitely the grip for you.
  • The same outstanding ergonomics and comfort offered by Ergon's standard GP1 grips, yet made from 40% sustainably harvested cork
  • Lighter than the standard GP1 grip and naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic
  • Aluminum clamp is 100% recyclable
  • Prevents numb fingers, painful hands and aching forearms by giving your palms a larger contact surface, which significantly reduces pressure in the area of the ulna nerve
  • Corrects your hand position so your median nerve isn't absorbing unnecessary pressure (a leading cause of carpal tunnel syndrome)
  • Support platform angle can be adjusted easily by simply turning the grip /ul>
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