Steadyrack Fender Bike Rack

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Designed specifically to accommodate bikes with fenders and mudguards, the Steadyrack Fender Bike Rack will have you thinking about new ways to store your bicycle. A perfect solution for the home, garage, small apartment or office space, the Steadyrack can store your bicycle vertically and swivel nearly 180 degrees to either side to save additional space. Built to last, the Steadyrack is easy to use and install, with no heavy lifting - simply pull your bike up on the back wheel and slide it into the rack system. And unlike bike hooks, the Steadyrack can be installed virtually anywhere. If you're tired of parking your bike in the living room, the Steadyrack Fender Bike Rack is a great alternative.


  • Can support bikes with or without fenders
  • Can be mounted to virtually any wall
  • Can swivel almost 180 degrees from side to side
  • Minimizes space without compromising safety
  • Keeps the bicycle secure without damaging the rims
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