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Step up your training with the Bushido Smart T2780 Trainer. It features a wireless resistance unit with a maximum resistance of 1400 Watts. More impressive, the Bushido powers itself, so it's completely wireless. And naturally the Bushido connects to Tacx apps easily.

Just like the Smart trainers, the Bushido uses ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart to communicate with your connected device. And your performance data can be viewed on several devices at once, including your smartphone, bike computer or sports watch.

The Bushido can be also be used without connecting to a device. That means that when the it isn't hooked up to the power net, you can use the Bushido Smart anytime, anywhere, even when you don't have your smartphone with you. In this mode the Bushido acts as a fluid trainer, which means as your speed increases, the trainer's resistance increases, too.

Tacx Wireless Resistance Unit

The Tacx Wireless resistance unit provides an amazingly realistic cycling experience. Resistance is dynamically controlled, constantly calculated, and then adjusted to simulate natural road resistance. All "real world" cycling parameters you experience on the road are applied to help create as realistic an experience as possible. Air and rolling resistance, gradient percentage, weight, air pressure, wind speed, temperature, even altitude, inertia and brake properties are all taken into account and calculated hundreds of times per second.

Tacx trainers constantly adjust the resistance to simulate the most natural feel, so even virtual climbs become real challenges. What's more, the resistance unit has LED lights that move to the rhythm of your cadence. Red lights indicate high power output, green lights indicate low power output. The Bushido Smart also works without a cadence sensor; instead, cadence is derived from the variation in force on the pedals and recorded by highly accurate electronic sensors.


  • Software Tacx apps & Third party apps.
  • Optional Tacx Trainer Software 4 connects to Windows PCs.
  • Operation Automatic
  • Realistic slope 15% 1
  • Descent simulation -
  • Max brake power (10 sec.) 1400 Watt
  • Sprint power (1 min.) 750 Watt
  • Mass inertia 60 kg 2
  • Suitable for all bikes, if necessary with axle skewers or nuts Wheel diameter 26"- 29" and 700c; 29" with trainer tire
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