Kryptonite Gravity WheelBoltz Set

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Keeping your bike safe can be a tricky process. With the Kryptonite Gravity WheelBoltz, you have the added benefit of locking both wheels to the frame. Combined with a traditional lock, both your frame and wheels are protected against theft. Designed for hollow axles, the Gravity WheelBoltz wheel lock can only be removed by turning your bike upside down. When flipped, the Gravity locking system pin will drop, allowing you to turn the bolt. Smart, simple, and easy to install, there's really no reason to be without the Gravity WheelBoltz locking system.


    Gravity Line WheelBoltz harnesses the power of gravity to prevent the removal of wheels. When the bike is upright, the WheelBoltz are locked and can only be unlocked with the bike turned upside down. Easy to install. No special keys required. (5mm hex wrench included) Industry standard axle fitment lengths of 130mm (front) / 150mm (back) Lightweight - only 120gms per set
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