Kryptonite Gravity WheelNutz M9 Axle Lock

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Keeping your bike safe can be a tricky process. It's easy to lock the rear wheel and frame, but you generally need an additional lock to secure your front wheel (or simply take the front wheel with you). With the Kryptonite Gravity WheelNutz, you don't need to worry about that extra lock. Designed to be used in tandem with the Messenger Mini for a complete locking system, this solid axle wheel lock can only be removed by turning your bike upside down. When flipped, the Gravity locking system pin will drop, allowing you to turn the bolt. Smart, simple, and easy to install, there's really no reason to be without the Gravity WheelNutz locking system.


    Gravity locking system that secures to your front wheel Easy installation - only requires a 15mm wrench (No keys) WheelNutz provide internal "lock-out" function and can only be removed by turning the bike upside down 180 degrees Use in tandem with Messenger Mini to create a complete locking solution for your bike Weather protective coating keeps WheelNutz from corroding In addition to the M9 thread - M10 and 3/8" are also available
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