Magura MT8 Mountain Bike Disc Brake

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Weighing only 299g with a full carbon lever, the performance-oriented Magura MT8 Next Disc Brake offers uncompromising braking power and maximum stability. If every extra ounce means a lot, then the MT8 should be on your bike. The ergonomic, full carbon, 2-finger brake lever is streamlined with Carbolay to be as light as possible, plus it's easy to hold. The Carbolay handlebar clamp gives you a feeling of direct and accurate action combined with sovereign braking power. Outrageously low weight, highly visible carbon construction and forged brake caliper are eye-catching and guaranteed enhancements on any bike. New flip-flop design allows installation on either side of the bar. Adjust the lever reach and bite point of the brake to personal preferences with simple, tool-free adjustments. magnetiXchange magnetic pistons fit perfectly into the brake caliper, guaranteeing quick and easy pad replacement. It also has an improved weight ratio performance, easy bleed technology and uses long life Royal Blood mineral oil. The MT8 is Magura's lightweight performance specialist and designed for all-mountain/trail and cross-country use.

  • Full carbon brake lever
  • Optimal heat resistance
  • Ergonomic, 2-finger, Carbolay brake lever
  • Tool-free adjustment of lever reach and bite point
  • Forged, 2-piston, aluminum brake caliper
  • magnetiXchange brake pistons for easy brake pad replacement
  • Weighs only 299g -- the lightest brake from Magura
  • Compatible with all Magura Storm and Storm SL discs
  • Warranty: 5-year leakproof guarantee for brake levers and cylinders after providing the original proof of purchase.
  • Designed, engineered and made in Germany

  • Weight: ~299g (including 160mm Storm SL-Rotor)
  • Color: Black-red (Master), Carbon (Lever), Mystic Grey Anodized (Caliper)
  • Technical features: Full hydraulic dual piston floating caliper
  • Hydraulic system: Open with expansion chamber
  • International standard mounting (IS): Adaptor
  • Pad wear adjustment: Automatic
  • Post mount mounting (PM) only front: Direct mount
  • Disc diameter (mm): Front: 203/8, 180/7, 160/6; Rear: 203/8, 180/7, 160/6, 140/5 (only Storm SL)
  • Centerlock compatible: Adaptor
  • Transmission medium: Magura Royal Blood mineral oil
  • Brake hose: Magura disc tube easily shortened
  • Hose fitting caliper: RHR - Rotatable hose routing
  • Brake pads: Organic 7.4 Performance (replaces 7.1), 7.2 Endurance
  • Material fitting bolts: Aluminum
  • Brake lever and caliper: Carbotecture SL (Master), Aluminum forged (caliper)
  • Lever blade: Carbolay
  • Reach adjust: Tool-free
  • OPD (caliper in one-piece design)
  • BAT (bite point adjuster): Tool-free
  • EBT (Easy Bleed Technology)
  • 2-Piece Lever Clamp
  • magnetiXchange
  • First full carbon master ever
  • Feel-Safety-Ergonomic
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