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Mavic Ksyrium SE Road Wheelset - Performance Exclusive

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Exclusive to Performance Bicycles, the all-new Mavic Ksyrium SE road wheelset is one of the best values in a high performance set of hoops you'll find anywhere. Following on the general trend of wider rims and wider tires on the road, the new Ksyrium SE features an ISM 4D milled rim that's 2mm wider than its predecessor. That may not sound like a lot, but 2mm yields an 18% increase in air volume, so you can lower the tire pressure by up to 20 PSI, and provides better support for 25mm+ tires, leading to more comfort and better rolling resistance. The rims are still super light, thanks to the ISM inter-spoke milling process that removes material where it isn't necessary, while leaving the material around the spokes untouched--yielding a strong and durable rim that weighs only 405g. These new rims are laced to the hub with steel straight pull spokes in their Isopulse pattern for better spike tension and durability. The hubs roll on genuine Mavic bearings for smooth sailing with a long wear life, and have an FTS freehub body for easy service and maintenance. The wheels come mounted with Mavic's own Yksion Elite 25mm tires for the ultimate in performance.
  • Exclusive to Performance Bicycle for the best value
  • Mavic ISM 4D milled rim is 2mm wider for increased air volume and tire support
  • ISM milling process removes more material from rim without compromising strength
  • Bladed spokes and IsoPulse lacing pattern for improved stiffness and aerodynamics
  • Easy to service FTS freehub
  • Comes with Yksion Elite 25mm tires
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