Profile Designs Vertex 80 Solid Saddle With Chromoly Rails

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This Profile Designs Vertex 80 Solid Saddle is designed for aggressive TT and Triathlon positions with typical virtual seat tube angles between 78º and 82°. The short nose allows you to move the saddle forward for a more aggressive position while remaining within UCI regulations. Ergonomic deep central channel provides perineal relief when you're riding in an aggressive position.

The most advanced rear hydration bracket is featured on the Vertex 80. Integrating the bracket into the saddle keeps your hydration tucked up under the saddle out of the smooth airflow improving overall aerodynamics. A single mounting bolt makes the kage easy to remove when it's not needed.


  • Integrated rear cage mount
  • Virtual seat tube angle at 78° to 82-degrees for aggressive UCI-legal triathlon or TT positions
  • Curved nose profile enables you to rotate forward
  • Anti-slip microfiber cover prevents movement on the saddle for a stable ride
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