MET Stradivarius HES Road Helmet

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Lightweight, race-ready and well ventilated, Met Stradivarius HES Road Helmet is a top-of-the-line performer on the road and built to maximize impact protection in the event of a crash. Homothetic Embedded Skeleton construction process involves fusing two homothetic shells, allowing the pressure that builds up at the point of impact to be spread across the helmet for more effective shock dissipation. In-Mold Intelligent Fusion construction with different densities of materials and a full wrap rear cradle provide further head protection. 17 vents allow air to flow easily over the top of your head for exceptional cooling. Full Gel O2 padding feels super comfortable on the hottest rides and helps keep the helmet in position. Air Lite straps and dividers lighten the load while remaining strong, aerodynamic and moisture-wicking. Safe-T Advanced retention system goes around the whole circumference of the head and allows the helmet to rotate very slightly in the event of an impact for better shock absorption and dissipation.
  • In-Mold construction fuses the outer and inner shells together to increase shock absorption, boost durability and lower weight
  • Intelligent Fusion Process uses different densities of material to improve the weight/volume ratio while optimizing the shock absorption capacity
  • Polycarbonate shell wraps the bottom of the helmet towards the inside of the shell for extra strengthening and support
  • Homothetic Embedded Skeleton spreads most of the pressure built up by the compression at the impact point, and then dissipates the force of the impact over the whole shell
  • 17 large openings channel air through the front and out the back for superior ventilation and cooling
  • Full Gel O2 Padding is made from thermo-stabilizing polyurethane morpho-gel for optimal cooling and comfort, plus it's hypoallergenic, antibacterial, adapts to any head shape and directs sweat to the side of the face and away from the eyes
  • Safe-T Advanced occipital retention system helps absorb part of the impact energy and reduces the risk of consequent brain damage
  • Air Lite Straps are lightweight, strong and moisture-wicking
  • Air Lite Lateral Dividers with an ultra-flat design help reduce aerodynamic drag
  • Embedded Straps Anchoring Points improve aerodynamics and tensile strength is evenly dissipated in the event of an impact
  • Highly reflective stickers and logos increase safety
  • Cooling Factor: 9/10
  • Head Contact Surface: 20/70
  • Certified CE EN 1078, AUS AS/NZ 2063, US CPSC 1203
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