Shimano XTR RD-M985 GS Shadow Plus Rear Derailleur

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Tackle the roughest trails without worrying about dropping a chain or putting up with annoying chain chatter. Thanks to Shimano's remarkable XTR RD-M985 Shadow Plus GS Rear Derailleur, you can enjoy smooth shifts and quiet, stable performance, no matter how tough the trail. The secret's in the derailleur's innovative internal clutch system, which maintains constant chain tension to reduce chainstay slap and eliminate dropped chains.
  • Fully adjustable internal clutch system maintains tension on chain to reduce chain slap and dropped chain
  • 35-teeth capacity is compatible with 2x10 XTR Crankset
  • Shimano's XTR RD-M985 Shadow Plus rear derailleur delivers smooth, linear-feeling shifts
  • Top-normal spring returns chain to the top gear when cable tension is released
  • Aluminum/carbon/composite construction is strong and lightweight
  • Shimano's Shadow design keeps derailleur safely tucked out of the way of rocks, roots and trail debris
  • Engage/disengage switch provides flexibility
  • Compatible with Shimano Dyna-Sys 10-speed Rapidfire shifters and 10-speed cassettes with maximum 36T cog

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