WTB High Tail Team Saddle - 128mm

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The WTB High Tail Team saddle was created to meet the needs of riders who like to rock a long travel bike. One of the traditional problems with that type of bike is saddle buzz, where the tire can actually rub the back of the saddle. But if you're reading this, you probably already know about that. But this isn't just for freeride and gravity riders. The High Tail Team is a lightweight, svelt saddle that's actually lighter than most other comparable saddles, thanks to the material that was cut away from the rear for improved tire clearance. The vacuum-formed edges create a streamlined look that minimizes rubbing and chaffing, and creates a great looking saddle that will be at home on almost any type of bike. A Flex-Tunes base helps keep the gram count low while improving comfort, and titanium rails add durability while cutting away even more weight from the saddle.
  • Unique high tail shape eliminates saddle buzz on long travel bikes
  • Titanium rails for a low gram count
  • Flex-Tuned shell improves comfort
  • DNA padding provides plenty of support
  • Vacuum formed edges eliminates chaffing and rubbing
  • 200g
  • 255x128mm
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