Mr. Tuffy Ultra Lite Tire Liners 700x20

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700C X 20
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Made of durable, lightweight, polyurethane, Mr. Tuffy tire liners allow you to ride flat-free by providing a protective barrier between your inner tube and road hazards such as glass, nails, thorns and other sharp objects. New Ultra Lite liners weigh 50% less than standard liners, making superior flat protection attractive to even weight-conscious avid riders. Fits tire sizes: 700c x 20 - 25, 27 x 1.
  • Provides a protective layer between road hazards and inner tube
  • Ultra Lite Mr. Tuffy tire liners weigh 50% less than standard tire liners
  • Advanced polyurethane micro-shell technology features a hardened protective outer layer and an ultra-soft inner layer to cushion the tube
  • Weighs less than liquid sealants or thorn-resistant tubes
  • Easy to install--no gooey mess
  • Contributes to a smooth, stable ride
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