Blackburn Switch Multi-Tool

Item: 40-5208
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Overcome breakdowns quickly with the Blackburn Switch Multi-tool. This handy little tool features 8 repair functions and a place to carry cash or credit cards in a compact case. It includes T or L handle wrenches, plus a flathead screwdriver. The placement and size of each tool has been carefully designed to guarantee that riders spend less time on repairs and more time on the road.


  • 8 repair functions stored in to a compact carrying case (2.5" x 4.2")
  • Carrying case can also hold credit cards and cash
  • Includes T or L handle wrenches and a flathead screwdriver
  • The selection, length and placement of each tool has been carefully thought out so that you have the right tool and can easily use it
  • Ideal to carry on biking trips for repairs on the go
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