Ridley Orion Ultegra Road Bike - 2016 Performance Exclusive

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The Ridley Orion is one of the most versatile bikes in Ridley's line-up. Designed for speed, comfort, and performance, the carbon fiber Orion is perfect for all-day rides, gran fondos, and anyone who wants to get more out of every ride.

The Orion frame tubes are diamond shaped for strength and durability, while the geometry and taller headtube promise plenty of comfort and exceptionally stable handling. According to Ridley, the bike offers "comfort, stiffness, and strength in equal measure", but this is no take-it-easy weekend path and pavement bike. This is one of the toughest, race-ready bikes you'll find anywhere, with plenty of get-up and go. It also just happens to deliver an amazingly comfortable ride as well.

The Ridley Orion Ultegra is a full carbon fiber bike equipped with a mixed Shimano Ultegra 6800 11-speed drivetrain and Ridley's own 4Za components. The frame is made with high modulus unidirectional carbon fiber formed into Ridley's distinctive diamond shape for rugged strength and durability. The taller headtube both alleviates stress on the lower back while riding and enhances frame stiffness by eliminating the need to use as many headset spacers.

This "endurance" geometry dovetails nicely with Ridley's fit philosophy--a philosophy that stipulates that rider comfort is the best way to enhance performance. By lengthening the headtube, the frame is stiffer, and the rider is in a more comfortable, natural position. This makes it possible to fine-tune the fit stem length and seatpost height, instead of trying to add spacers to adapt the frame to the rider.

The carbon fiber fork features a medium rake that gives the bike the ability to dive into turns without feeling twitchy or unstable. The carbon fiber arms and alloy steerer help absorb road vibrations and smooth out the ride.

The Ultegra 6800 components are more than just an 11-speed evolution of Ultegra 6700. The new Ultegra features newly redesigned ergonomic hood and lever shapes that draw inspiration directly from the company's superlative Di2 systems. The result is a more comfortable lever that requires less force to execute a shift, thanks to decreased cable friction and improved housing. To save a few pennies without adding too many grams, the Orion uses a 105 5800 also features a fundamental redesign of the front derailleur, with a longer lever arm for more effective and precise front shifts. The rear derailleur has also been redesigned to be lighter and more responsive, making shifting across the entire cassette feels easy and snappy, with no chain rubbing or hesitation.

Rounding out this impressive package is a build kit from Ridley's own 4Za brand. 4Za is in many ways unlike some other company's house brand component arms. Ridley engineers every 4Za component to integrate seamlessly with their bikes at a basic level, ensuring optimized performance at every level. The bike rolls on a set of lightweight Alex Race 28 clinchers, which spin up quickly, climb like they mean it, and deliver superb braking performance.


  • Developed with input from the pro-tour level Damocles and Excalibur frames
  • Unique Ridley fit utilizes a traditional geometry and taller headtube, so you need fewer spacers, creating a stiffer, more stable frame
  • High modulus carbon fiber makes the Orion stiff when you stand up out of the saddle on hard efforts, but allows more compliance for comfort on long rides
  • Diamond-shaped tubing makes the Orion stronger and more durable
  • Mixed Shimano Ultegra 6800 11-speed delivers race-ready 11-speed performance
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