Crankbrothers Stamp 2 Pedals -- Small

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Feet come in many different sizes and widths. So why should yours be forced to deal with one-size-fits all pedals? Crankbrothers doesn't think you should, which is why they created the Stamp series. But the Stamps -- small for shoe sizes 5-10, and large for sizes 10-15 -- aren't just size specific. They're also trail specific, with features to make your trekking or mountain bike rides that much more enjoyable and safe. Unlike many flat pedals, which are thicker around the edge of the pedal to give a more concave surface, Stamps are almost flat, with a profile that's just 16mm thick. That means many rock and rut strikes that inevitably come with thicker pedals are no more. For grip, there are 10 adjustable pins on each side of the A380 aluminum pedal body. And the pedals weigh just 415 grams per pair. So if you're looking for flats, look for Crankbrothers Stamps. They're the perfect fit.


  • One-piece A380 aluminum body
  • Forged chromoly steel spindle
  • Small size fits shoe sizes 5-10 (37-43)
  • 16mm thin profile
  • 10 adjustable pins per side for grip
  • Premium bearings and seal system
  • 415g per pair
  • 5-year warranty
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