CatEye Wearable X Rear Light

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The CatEye Wearable X is a cool, low-profile, easy-to-use safety light. Simply attach it to your clothing, backpack or directly to your bike with the included rubber strap. The Wearable X features 6 light modes with a special, auto save mode that automatically changes to slow-flashing mode when the battery runs low. The Li-ion USB rechargeable battery can be fully recharged in just 2 hours and provides up to 13 hours of runtime on its lowest setting. Small, portable and convenient, it's hard to justify not having the CatEye Wearable X as part of your essential riding gear.


  • Battery auto save
  • Low battery indicator
  • Light mode memory
  • Weight: 22.6 grams
  • Red LED light source
  • Li-ion USB rechargeable battery
  • Recharge time: 2 hours (USB 2.0)
  • Rubber band and hook (21.5-32.0mm diameter)


  • High mode: 1 hours - 35 lumens
  • Low mode: 10 hours
  • Flashing mode: 30 hours
  • Rapid mode: 10 hours
  • Pulse mode: 10 hours
  • Vibration mode: 13 hours
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