Hammer Perpetuem Drink Mix - 32 Servings

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Does your training routine or competitive event last more than two hours? Then add some protein to your fuel with the Hammer Perpetuem Drink Mix. Unique formula combines complex carbohydrates, GMO-free soy protein, healthy fats and key auxiliary nutrients, such as sodium phosphate, to maintain optimal athletic performance for as long as you want. Perpetuem provides consistent, reliable energy, maximizes stored fat utilization and buffers lactic acid to prevent muscle fatigue. Tested and proven in the world's toughest endurance events, Perpetuem lets you conquer the most extreme workouts and races with complete confidence.
  • Complex carbohydrate formula for consistent, stable energy
  • Specific maltodextrin provides nearly 87% of its caloric composition in long chain carbohydrates
  • XT is a calcium-enhanced soy protein isolate that makes up nearly 10% of the caloric profile of Perpetuem, the same percentage that is cannibalized from muscle tissue during long, slow endurance workouts
  • XT soy protein contains a very high amount of intact, cardiovascular-enhancing isoflavones
  • De-oiled "super lecithin" (extracted from the soybean) is ideal for consistently and reliably fueling the body and maximizing energy production from stored fatty acids
  • L-carnosine buffers lactic, scavenges free radicals and is an anti-glycation antioxidant
  • Sweetened with Energy Smart, the same healthy sweetener in Hammer Gel
  • Easy to digest
  • CaffĂ© Latte flavor contains 25mg of caffeine
  • Gluten-free and vegan friendly
  • GMO-free soy protein
  • No MSG
  • Kosher Certified
  • Won best of MTBR award in 2005 and 2006
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