OnGuard 8017 Beast Chain Lock

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The 8017 Beast chain lock offers extreme security for high crime areas. Massive hexagonal welded links with titanium surface hardening resist attack from hacksaws and bolt cutters. Tight link tolerances make inserting pry bars impossible. Nylon chain cover protects paint jobs and delicate finishes, and its embroidered logo won't crack, peel or flake off. Extended length gives you more locking options.
  • X2P Dual Lock Down Locking Mechanism provides high pull resistance and holding power second to none
  • 12mm (0.47") titanium enforced hexagonal hardened steel chain makes it nearly impossible for a cutting tool to get a bite
  • 11mm (0.43") ultra-hardened steel shackle is impervious to prying, jacking or cutting
  • User-friendly, Z-Key Cylinder with BumpBlok and rotating dust cover puts pickers, pullers and drillers out of business
  • Automatic dust cover protects cylinder
  • Water-resistant and heat-resistant embroidered chain cover with Velcro closures
  • Anti-theft Protection offer
  • Includes 5 laser cut keys (1 LED micro-light and 4 extra grip keys)
  • Micro-light key projects a bright white beam
  • Dimensions: 3.57' x 0.47"
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