Oval Concepts 981 Tubular Rear Wheel -- 2014

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One of the most overlooked areas of bike upgrades are the wheels. Investing in a great set of wheels will provide you with stiffer rims, lighter weight, improved handling, and greater aerodynamic performance. The Oval Concepts 981 tubular rear wheel will give you all of that and more. Featuring a full 3K ultra-lightweight carbon wall and 81mm deep rim, this rear wheel will improve your bike's overall aero performance by being able to glide through the wind effortlessly. The Concepts 981 tubular rear wheel also includes hidden alloy nipples, Oval Concepts 900 hubset with 6-prawl, and alloy axles for increased durability where it's needed most. For spokes, this rear wheel boasts double-butted T302 stainless steel spokes with a 2.5mm width and aero shape for best in class performance. Whether you're riding road, cyclocross or in a triathlon, the Concepts 981 rear wheel is sure to deliver high speeds, superior aerodynamics, and quick acceleration.


  • 3k carbon on brake track for improved braking performance
  • 81mm deep tubular rim and UD carbon finish on wall
  • Freehub body, internal nipples, and axles crafted from 7075 aluminum alloy
  • Equipped with Oval Concepts 900 hubsets with 6-prawl for quick engagement
  • Double-butted 2.5mm aero stainless spokes to cut through wind
  • Compatible with 9, 10, and 11 speed drivetrains
  • Hand-built with Wheelsmith spoke prep and finished with DT spoke freeze
  • 10-speed compatible
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