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Performance Large Water Bottle -- 800ml

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The Performance water bottle does more than look awesome on your ride, it also holds the source of your hydration within arm's reach. This water bottles holds up to 800ml of liquid and fits perfectly in to the standard water bottle holders on bikes. Its clear, BPA --free plastic allows you to know exactly how much water you've taken in on your ride, and when it's ready to be refilled. The Performance water bottle also features a cap to protect it on rough rides, and a nozzle with a hands-free opening, so you don't have to slow down for hydration.


  • Holds up to 800ml (approx. 27oz) of liquid
  • Clear, BPA-Free plastic for knowing how much liquid you've taken in
  • Designed to fit water bottle holders like a glove
  • Easy to open nozzle with a cap for extra protection while riding
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