Stages FSA SL-K Light Power Meter

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Heart rate monitors are to endurance athletes what power meters are to cyclists. If you have an FSA SL-K Light crankset and want to explore riding with a power meter to improve your fitness and performance, the Stages FSA SL-K Light Power Meter is the perfect option for you.

The Stages FSA SL-K Light Power Meter is easy to install, set up, and pair to your smart phone or other Bluetooth devices. While you're out pushing your pedals, this power meter is also hard at work gathering data on your power effort and power output. This data gives you the control to find your strengths, improve your weaknesses, and plan for crucial recoveries.

Some power meters can cost in to the thousands, but this Stages power meter is more cost effective because instead of using a meter on both arms it uses one very accurate, 20g power meter on the left arm. The key to the Stages FSA SL-K power meter is that, according to engineers, the power differential of one leg versus another has no significant influence on your ride data and its value as a training tool. Therefore, you only need a power meter on one side of your bike, which saves you weight and money.


  • Single power meter on the left crank arm is very effective in recording overall power data
  • Use to track progress, find strengths, and plan recoveries
  • Uses ANT+ and Bluetooth dual channel compatible to connect to a host of head units and devices
  • Very lightweight and more cost effective than other power meters
  • Compatible with FSA SL-K cranksets
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