Stages Ultegra R8000 Power Meter

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To retain power accuracy, Stages power meters are equipped with ATC (Active Temperature Compensation). Different temperatures cause strain gauges to expand and contract a specific amount. ATC allows the power meter to compensate for temperature changes that would otherwise affect the strain gauges and their ability to accurately measure force. More importantly, Stages ATC auto-adjusts on the fly, without the need to stop pedaling.

Stages power meter also measures cadence as unobtrusively as it measures power by the use of an accelerometer - the same technology used to tell your smart phone how to orient its screen. The proprietary circuitry houses this cadence tool, allowing the meter to eliminate the antiquated need of magnets, external sensors, cables, and zip ties to measure cadence. This modern technology also allows the meter to capture multiple positions per revolution, resulting in a faster response and better overall data.


  • Individual measurement of both left and right pedaling inputs, including Pedaling Smoothness and Torque Efficiency metrics.
  • Active Temp Compensation (ATC) ensures consistent accuracy
  • +/-1% accuracy at 100w/90rpm (per side)
  • IPX7 water resistance rating.
  • 175+ hours of battery life from a user replaceable 2032 coin cell.
  • Internal sensors measure cadence, omitting need for a magnet.
  • Wireless firmware update capability via the Stages App.
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