PowerTap P1 Power Meter Pedals

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The most sophisticated power meter currently on the market, the PowerTap P1 Power Meter Pedals are built on years of industry-leading technology and keep pace with PowerTap's unmatched accuracy standard of +/- 1.5%. Simple one-piece design easily mounts to any crank and doesn't require calibration or installation angle setting, so you can just attach the P1's and pedal away! Swap them between bikes for a vast range of compatibility and track pedaling metrics independently, like left power, right power, and more. Dual band ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart connectivity pairs with numerous head units and smart devices. All vital components inside the pedal body are constructed for maximum durability and robustness. Self-contained, intelligent and easily to install, the PowerTap P1 is the only power meter you'll need for all of your bikes.

  • Proven PowerTap accuracy standard of +/- 1.5%
  • Dual Band ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart
  • Each pedal adds as little as 174g
  • Easily swap pedals across bikes
  • Extremely detailed data collection
  • Measures left power, right power and more
  • Provides unrivaled insight into the way you pedal and where you can be more efficient
  • Complete the system to get more powerful results out of your data with the Joule GPS+ and PowerAgent Software (not included)
  • User-serviceable AAA battery
  • Aluminum construction for maximum durability and robustness

  • Weight: 398g
  • Thread Type: 9/16"
  • Cleat Interface: 3-bolt
  • Cleat: Red, 6º floating
  • Spring Type: Adjustable Elastomer
  • Release Tension: 6-20Nm
  • Stack Height: 14mm
  • Center of Pedal: 53mm (measured from crank to pedal)
  • Lean Angle: 25.5º (based on 175mm crank length, 75mm BB drop and 147mm Q-Factor crank)
  • Firmware Updates: Over the air
  • Connectivity: ANT+ and Bluetooth SMART
  • Battery: AAA
  • Battery Life: 60 hours
  • Warranty: 2-year
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