Praxis Works Wave Tech 32T 104-BCD Chainring

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The Wave pattern tooth profile applies alternating lateral force to each chain link to actively retain links to ring -- going beyond narrow/wide implementation that relies solely on friction. The Wave tooth pattern swings right to left, grasping the interior of the chain for retention, but allowing room for mud, debris, and grit to escape. The Wave design creates more open areas for mud and debris evacuation and preserves chain retention in adverse conditions -- one of many drawbacks of narrow/wide designs. Designed with mindful consideration of system friction, the Wave design actively engages the chain but has much less wear than competing designs -- spreading the load over large surface areas instead. Tough enough for Enduro, Downhill, and also weight conscious for XC riding. These MTB Wave Tech rings are machined from 7075-T6 aluminum and Hard Anodized to take a beating.


  • New Wave Technology tooth profile. Alternating teeth for better chain retention.
  • 10/11/12sp chain compatible
  • 4.5mm plate 7075-T6 Al for superior stiffness
  • Stamped and machined manufacturing with hard black anodizing for durability
  • Must use a "CLUTCH" type rear derailleur. Example Shimano Shadow or SRAM Type 2
  • Use of an upper guide is recommended in very rough terrain, or just for pure security
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