SixSixOne Rage Elbow Pad -- 2016

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Ready to up your freestyle or downhill game? Then you'll want the extra protection and freedom offered by SixSixOne Rage Elbow Pads. Completely redesigned for 2016, Rage Elbow Pads, like the rest of the series, are lighter, have extended coverage zones as well as improved breathability. A new, low-profile chassis gives your arm the maximum flexibility for control, while a dense, perforated impact EVA on the inside and outside of your elbow for better coverage is sandwiched by stretch mesh for increased freedom of movement. Internal hard caps, beneath stretch Kevlar, protect and deflect impacts to the elbows and forearms. Wear a SIXSIXOne EVO SS Jacket and the Rage Elbow pads attach via the new PADLOCK connection system. The system inner-connects pieces, keeping your pads in place where they'll do the most good, regardless of how you move. You just lock it and forget it.


  • Brand new low profile chassis allows maximum arm flexibility
  • Internal hard cap below stretch Kevlar protects and deflects elbow and forearm impacts
  • PADLOCK connection system attaches to the Evo SS Jacket to keep the pads in place
  • Stretch mesh sandwiches dense perforated impact EVA on the inside and outside of the elbow
  • Internal silicon printing with two elastic straps hold the pads in place
  • Complies to standard: CE 1621-1
  • Sold as a pair
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