Tacx FLUX Smart Trainer

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The Tacx FLUX Smart trainer is great for small spaces and serious cyclists. The FLUX combines direct drive technology with an electro-brake for a ride that is accessible and interactive. Its large 7kg flywheel transmits even the slightest terrain fluctuations, and its stable design keeps it grounded, even when you're standing on your pedals. The FLUX produces a maximum power output of 1500W, and has a max slope of 10%, to keep you engaged and continuously challenging yourself.


The possibilities for connecting with your FLUX Smart trainer include the ability to connect to any Apple or Android device, plus the added bonus of using ANT+ or Bluetooth to connect to any device containing those features. This smart trainer conveniently features LED indication lights to relay your signal regulation, and uses ANT+ FE-C protocol to allow 3rd party software, such as Zwift, to control it.


  • Stable shape keeps up with you, especially when standing on your pedals
  • 1500W power output and 10% max slope
  • Connects with all smart devices and a variety of training apps, including Zwift
  • Combines direct drive technology with an electro-brake for an accessible and interactive ride
  • Compact design with a large 7kg flywheel that transmits even the slightest fluctuations in resistance
  • Carefully selected parts to minimize sound levels
  • Easy to set-up and calibrate
  • Has great accuracy, <5%
  • Connects via ANT+ or Bluetooth, with an LED indication light to signal connectivity
  • Uses ANT+ FE-C protocol for communication to allow regulation by 3rd party software
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