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Reynolds R Four Performance Exclusive Clincher Road Wheelset - 2016

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Wheels are definitely one of the best upgrades you can make for any bike. And rarely do they get as good as the Reynolds R Four carbon clincher road wheelset. The R Four is ideal for everything from racing, to gran fondos, to fast group rides, and everything in between. With a 46mm rim depth, the R Four is an ideal all around wheel--deep enough to offer a substantial aerodynamic advantage, but still lightweight enough to be great climbers. The R Four also features an improved carbon layup that can withstand big lateral forces, so they're stiffer while standing, sprinting or putting in a hard dig. The incredible performance from these wheels comes from Reynold's patented carbon rim construction that features three key technologies: Hybrid Modulus Laminate puts optimal carbon fiber in each unique region of the rim, Variable Resin Technology applies the ideal resin to bind the fibers, and Gas Compaction molds and cures the rims for increased strength, stiffness, and durability. CTg carbon fiber rim-and-brake pad pairing helps improve the stopping performance of these wheels, and runs up to 53% cooler than standard rim-and-pad combos, and ensures smooth, predictable braking power. Custom graphics and details help these wheels look as fast as they ride. Exclusively available at Performance Bicycle.
  • PR3 Hybrid Carbon aero rim identifies 3 unique areas of the rim and assigns a specific carbon fiber and epoxy formula to each
  • 46mm rim profile cuts through the wind while maintaining durability, strength, stiffness and low weight
  • Hybrid Modulus Laminate, Variable Resin Technology and Gas Compaction work together to optimize the each region of the rim for strength and performance
  • 20 bladed radial spokes in front and 24 bladed 2-cross drive-side spokes in back are laced to Reynolds Racing J-bend hubs for increased speed and aerodynamics
  • Cryo Blue Brake Pads + CTg Brake Track = Stop Faster, Run Cooler:
  • Patented, temperature-conductive laminate and pad system that reduces braking temperature
  • System is composed of 2 key components which provide smoother, more predictable braking at 100° cooler operation
  • Black hubs and spokes give these wheels a fast look
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