Industry Nine I9.65 Carbon Centerlock Disc Wheelset -- 12x100mm front axle

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Meet the fastest everyday road disc wheelset on the planet. The I9.65 is designed to slice through the wind, with a rim profile that minimizes drag. In fact, in wind tunnel testing at 30 mph, the I9.65's rim design is so efficient it actually creates lift and helps propel the rider forward when encountering winds at angles from 12 to 18 degrees! And although it has a deep 65mm rim depth, it weighs in just 1,555 grams -- lighter than many carbon sets with 40-45mm deep rims.

The Torch Centerlock disc hubs cut back on weight without sacrificing strength or performance, with a reduced 3-pawl count (instead of 6) for lower drag and weight while still achieving an industry leading 6-degree road hub engagement. The hubs have twin Teflon seals on each side to keep mud and water out and an oversized axle delivers the power fast and efficiently.

Whether you're riding a century, an Ironman or anything in between, the I9.65 is the new standard for road speediness.


  • Shimano Centerlock Disc 700c Tubeless Ready Wheelset
  • Designed for road riding
  • Shimano/SRAM HG Version
  • 12x142mm Rear Axle / 12x100mm Front Axle
  • 21 mm internal rim width
  • Torch Road Hubs (3-pawl driver w/ 6-degree engagement)
  • Hubs have 2 teflon seals on each bearing to keep grit out for increased life
  • Recommended Rider Weight: 250Ibs/114kg max