Zipp 303 Firecrest Carbon Clincher Tubeless Disc Brake Wheel - Rear

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More and more folks are taking road bikes places they've never been before. This all new type of riding demands an all new type of wheel...or maybe just an evolution of one of the toughest and most legendary carbon clinchers of all time.

The Zipp 303 has won countless races, but was most famously the first carbon wheel to reliably be able to not only tame but win on the brutal cobbles of Paris-Roubaix. Since then Zipp has continued to improve on this tough as nails, lightweight and high performance wheel, and has now introduced a disc-specific tubeless version. If you know anything about Zipp, you know that engineering is core to their being, so they were never going to just slap a disc hub in a rim brake rim and call it a day. They've completely reengineered the rim for modern adventure/gravel/CX riding.

First and most obviously, Zipp has done away with the brake track, but they've gone one step further and brought their all-new ABLC dimple pattern, borrowed from the cutting edge NSW wheels, all the way out to the edge of the rim. This improves aerodynamics, and works with the new AeroBalance technology which improves crosswind stability and improves on the already low drag the Firecrest wheels are known for. The shape has also been optimized for 28mm+ tires. The rim has also been designed from the ground up as a tubeless rim, with internal ridges that lock the bead into place for amazing performance and security even at lower pressures. These new rims are laced to a set of Zipp 77/177D disc hubs with swappable endcaps for QR's and thru axles.

  • All new rim design is optimized for wider tires
  • ABLC dimple pattern extends to the edge of the rim for improved aerodynamics
  • AeroBalance technology reduces drag and improves crosswind stability
  • 77/177D disc hubs with swappable endcaps
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