Shimano Ultegra Glossy Grey 6700 Clamp-On Front Derailleur

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If you thought Shimano had nailed it with their Ultegra 6600 front derailleur, you'll be floored by the improvements they've made to the 6700. For starters, they used a lighter spring to reduce lever resistance for more effortless shifts. There's also a slightly revised shape which virtually eliminates the need for trimming, plus wider links to enhance torsional stiffness for lighter, smoother shifts. Compatible with both standard and compact double cranksets, the Shimano Ultegra FD-6700 Clamp-On Front Derailleur sports Shimano's Glossy Grey finish.
  • Wider outer and inner link with dual pivots for increased strength and rigidity, and eliminates the need to manually trim the outer chainring -- no more chain rub in the big-big combination!
  • DUAL SIS front indexed shifting with optimized spring tension reduces the shifting effort required to move between chainrings -- the result is featherlight downshifts and smoother upshifts
  • 10% less spring tension than Shimano FD-6600 Front Derailleur
  • Smooth shifting under heavy load at each rear position
  • Forged aluminum construction lowers weight without sacrificing durability
  • Improved chain guide shape is compatible with SG-X chainrings for maximum shifting performance
  • Use with Shimano Ultegra ST-6700 Dual Control Levers for both small and big ring trim

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